ODT 14 - Timberland Traverse 2 (Temporary, on-road, Route)

This 7.7-mile segment of the ODT continues the temporary extension of the trail onto lightly-used, but paved, county roads. The segment is entirely on Mary Clark Rd starting from Cooper Ranch Rd and ending back on US Hwy 101. The route contines to parallel the Sol Duc River as it winds its way down from the Olympic Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The route drops steadily about 300 ft from east end to west end, matching the descending river.

The route starts in well-established timber, with tracts of recently logged land interspersed heading west. The Sol Duc River comes close to the road at 5.3 miles, but otherwise is masked by the intervening timber. The road has narrow shoulders and little traffic, but stay alert for the occasional fast driver.