Using Ride with GPS Maps

If you click on the "View Full Route" on the gray menu bar, you will find the Ride with GPS website where you can download the GPS coordinates into your GPS. If you join (free!) you can access Ride with GPS's many features. Big thanks to the Ride with GPS folks!

Quick Steps on How to Use Ride with GPS on the ODT Website:

As you move your cursor over the route, you will see a crosshair appear over the elevations showing you where you are. If you move your cursor over the elevations, you will see a blue ball on the map showing you where you are when you are at that elevation spot. Naturally you must have that portion of the map in view. Zoom out as necessary.

Cursor blue ball

Near the top on the right is a grey pill shaped icon. If it says Map, then the Ride with GPS map looks like a road map. You can also set it to Satellite for satellite look down view. Hybrid overlays the roads and the satellite view. Terrain provides a topographical map view.

Map button

There are two circular icons in each map near the bottom middle - right. One has a small red right triangle (on left). Click this one to remove the elevation profile and enlarge the map. Click it again to toggle the elevation display back on.

The other icon looks like a square with only the corners shown in gray/blue (on right). This will expand this screen to full view. In this view you can see the elevation and map. Zooming is allowed. This is a very powerful view! Hit the key to return to the original view.

Expand the map

Zoom in and out button. You can zoom the map in or out by steps by clicking on the (+) or (-) on the zoom bar. You can also click and drag the little horizontal bar to move you quickly to a zoom level.

Zoom the map

The green symbol represents the beginning of the route.

Start icon

The red symbol represents the end of the route.

End icon

Hovering your mouse over or clicking on these symbols will give you a tool tip that tells you about a Point of Interest. These are local user tips on getting the most out of your journey!

Point of interest

Trail Colors Key:

Red - Completed Trail

Green - Temporary (on road) Trail

Blue - Future Planned Trail

Brown - Unpaved (Dirt) Trail

Yellow - Connecting or Side Trails

Trail Colors Key