ODT 9 - Port Angeles to the Elwha River

The Port Angeles West segment of ODT extends from City Pier in downtown Port Angeles west for 7.1 miles to the Elwha River. Portions of this segment are currently being constructed and will be usable by year end 2010, although construction work with periods of closure will continue through 2011. Leaving City Pier, the route uses Railroad Ave for 4 blocks of downtown waterfront before separated trail resumes. A waterfront promenade is being planned that will include extending the trail through this section. Note that this section includes the ferry dock for the Victoria, BC ferry and is both an access point for Canadians using ODT, and a great side trip for other trail users.

Elwha Bridge ramp to pedestrian deck

Elwha Bridge ramp to pedestrian deck

Beyond downtown, the trail continues along the north side of Front St, passes through a small park and over a Japanese-style bridge honoring Port Angeles' sister-city relationship with Mutsu City, Japan. The trail then continues on the north side of Marine View Dr, past piers and forest product mills. At 1.8 miles the trail turns inland on Hill St. A side trail continues along Marine Dr from this point and goes out Ediz Hook, ending up at the Coast Guard base and air station across the harbor from downtown.

Climbing Hill St, the trail is on the left (south) side. The trail ends at the top of the hill and the route uses city streets for 7-8 blocks. Follow 4th St west, then right on Milwaukee Dr to 10th St. The separated trail resumes here on the old railroad grade. The grade will be resurfaced for the next 2.3 miles, but is open now as a packed dirt bike and walking trail. Continue from 10th St on the same line as Milwaukee Dr, and you are on the railroad grade. The grade forms a natural corridor through residential and industrial areas to the city limits. Just inside the city limits the trail crosses Dry Creek on a new trail bridge.

Crossing Lower Elwha Rd, the trail continues on Kaycee Wy for 0.3 miles, then resumes on separated trail and follows the railroad grade down to the Elwha River. As the grade descends into the Elwha flood plain, there are excellent views of the valley and mountains beyond. At the foot of the grade, the trail is on a concrete ramp that ascends to the trail bridge over the Elwha River. The trail is suspended below a new car bridge and has spectacular views of the river and flood plain in both directions. The trail continues across the bridge in segment ODT 10.

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Elwha River Valley approaching the bridge Approaching Elwha Bridge from the east Elwha Bridge ramp to pedestrian deck