ODT 12 - Lake Crescent North Shore

This 9.9-mile segment of trail follows the route of the Spruce Railroad, which was built in the waning days of WWI to bring old growth spruce logs out of the forest for building biplanes for the war effort. Locally, it is called the Spruce Railroad Trail, and it is located within Olympic National Park. It leaves from the East Beach trailhead and continues along the north shore of Lake Crescent for about 4 miles before it starts climbing gently toward the top of Fairholm Hill.

The first 4 miles of trail are in the process of reconstruction, which will include paving and refurbishment of 2 railroad tunnels and removing 2 very primitive tunnel bypass trails. The rerouting should be complete by 2018. There will be periodic closures during the construction, primarily in the summer months. We will post the closure periods on the Trail Status page as they are announced. The last 6 miles of this segment have recently been constructed and paved. This segment ends on US Hwy 101 just opposite the Sol Duc Hotsprings Rd.

An interesting side trip from this point is up the Sol Duc Hotsprings Rd to Sol Duc Hot Springs, about an 11.5 mile ride. Past the Olympic National Park entrance station there is a resort with hot spring bathing, cabins, a restaurant, and campground. Two miles further on is the spectacular Sol Duc Falls, accessible by a loop footpath.