ODT 8 - Port Angeles Harbor Edge

This ODT segment starts at Lake Farm Road and winds 7.2 miles through forested hills and along the shoreline into downtown Port Angeles. One mile after leaving Lake Farm Rd, the trail drops sharply to Bagley Ck. The down slopes are tricky for bicycles when the pavement is wet. At the foot of the hill, a turn must be made just before entering the covered bridge crossing Bagley Ck. This turn has caused accidents when wet leaves or mud accumulate so please approach the bridge with caution.

From Bagley Ck the trail climbs to the US Hwy 101 Deer Park Overlook, which offers a panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains as well as restroom facilities. The trail then drops sharply into the valley formed by Morse Ck. There is a parking area at the foot of the slope. The trail crosses the creek on a 400 ft railroad trestle restored by volunteers, then turns north to follow the stream to its mouth on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Turning west, it follows the shore for 4 miles. Winter mudslides have been known to occur in this section, so riders should exercise caution. It then continues along the shoreline into central Port Angeles and enters the city at the intersection of Lincoln and Front Sts at the downtown waterfront. This section of trail along the water is known as the Waterfront Trail and is very popular locally. The trail continues west along the waterfront on the ODT 9 segment.