ODT 5 - Blyn to Sequim along Sequim Bay

This 6.4-mile segment of ODT is completed, paved trail with the exception of 0.7 miles on a little used county road. Eventually, a separated trail will be built alongside the road. The trail parallels the west side of Sequim Bay for the first 4 miles, and then goes west into the city of Sequim. From the segment start at the west edge of the Jimmycomelately Creek estuary, the trail climbs gently through forest and a small US Fish and Wildlife Preserve to quiet Dawley Rd. At 1.5 miles it enters Sequim Bay State Park. Though small (92 acres), this is one of the most beautiful state parks in Washington, nestled among huge firs and cedars along the shores of Sequim Bay. A portion of the trail entering the park is temporary and very steep with a gravel surface in one spot. Use caution here until we get the funding for a new bridge over the ravine. There are a number of campsites, especially for trail users, alongside the trail 0.3 miles into the park. Other features include restrooms with showers, parking, and almost a mile of beach access.

Sequim Bay State Park

Sequim Bay State Park

The trail continues west on the former railroad grade, crossing Discovery Creek on a 150 ft railroad trestle restored and redecked by volunteers. Views over Sequim Bay appear on the right, followed by panoramic views as the trail cuts across an open hill side. The trail crosses Whitefeather way, and approaches the 400 ft. long Johnson Creek Railroad Trestle, 85 ft above the stream in a forested ravine. (Watch for ice or slippery growth on the trestle deck during winter months.) Resting pools for spawning salmon can be seen in the stream below. Because of its height, the trestle was built in a curve to stiffen it against swaying when trains crossed. A sculpture of hanging metal fish can be viewed below the bridge from the railing mid-span on the north side.

The trail enters Sequim alongside its main thoroughfare, Washington St. Before reaching city center, it turns north along Rhodefer Rd and crosses West Sequim Bay Rd. All Around Bikes (formerly Mike's Bikes) is located 0.1 miles west of this intersection. Click "View Full Route" in the header of the map above to see the bike shop location and contact info. The trail continues north on Rhodefer Rd into Carrie Blake City Park and follows the park perimeter to the NW entrance on Blake Ave at Fir St, where this segment ends. Restrooms and water are available at this entrance. This is the main city park and has picnic facilities, sports fields, a skateboard rink, a convention center, and a band shell with evening music during the summer. The trail continues west on Fir St in segment ODT 6.

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Open fields and forested section Sequim Bay State Park Sequim Bay State Park