Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Overlook above the Dungeness Spit

Overlook above the Dungeness Spit

It is a 7-mile round trip to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge from the Olympic Discovery Trail. The Dungeness Recreation Area is open for seasonal camping and has many multiple use trails. At the refuge, at the end of the entrance road, there is a flush toilet and benches for picnics. There is a small fee per family to hike on the spit. Pets are not allowed on the spit, and collecting of any kind is prohibited although you are welcome to remove any trash you find on the beach.

Group walkers enjoy the spit

Group of walkers enjoy the spit

If you choose to walk to the lighthouse [5.5 miles each way], be sure to check the tide tables. It can be hard to walk to the lighthouse at high tide! You can access tide tables, a web cam, and information about being a lighthouse keeper for a week at the New Dungeness Lighthouse. Essential items to carry with you on a walk to the lighthouse include layered clothing, water, camera, and binoculars.

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Overlook above the Dungeness Spit Trail down to spit with trees Cliffs in the afternoon light Trails through forests New Dungeness Lighthouse Drive out of the refuge
Falcon on spit, you can see otters, eagles View down the spit Spit, cliffs, and white capped mountains Mt Baker and the lighthouse More spit and mountains Group walkers enjoy the spit