Trail Rules and Etiquette

Trail users are asked to be courteous to fellow trail users and respectful of property owners adjacent to the trail. Many property owners have granted easements to allow trail construction, and many volunteers have given thousands of hours of labor to build and maintain this wonderful facility.

Yield Triangle Rule

Yield Triangle Rule

The following rules apply to all trail users:

  • Share the trail and respect other users.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Respect private property. Stay on the trail.
  • Use refective devices and lights at night.
  • Use caution at road and driveway crossings.
  • Stay to the right of the trail. There is two-way traffic.
  • Use care around horses and other animals.
  • If unsure about approaching someone with a horse or a dog, ask the handler for guidance.
  • No motorized vehicles (except electric assist bicycles and wheelchairs).
  • Each individual is responsible for his/her own safety and the safety of others.
  • Direct questions or comments to Clallam County Public Works (360) 417-2319 or Jefferson County Public Works (360) 385-9160.
  • In an emergency, dial 911.

Pedestrian Rules:

  • Yield to equestrians. Ask riders for guidance.
  • Dogs must be under control at all times.
  • Clean up after pets.
  • Make way for faster users.

Bicyclist Rules:

  • Stay to the right.
  • Always use safe speeds. Slow down in crowded areas.
  • Alert other users with bell or voice before passing. Overtake on left. Reduce speed to pass safely.
  • Approach horses slowly. Ask riders for guidance. Avoid loud/startling noises.

Equestrian Rules:

  • Riders are responsible for maintaining control over horses at all times.
  • Help other users pass safely. Provide instructions.
  • Remove horse manure. Kick droppings off the trail.
  • Use the horse path or move to the side of the trail to allow others to pass safely.
  • Cantering/galloping on the trail endangers everyone and may damage trail surface.

The Adventure Route:

is unique in its structure and location: it is primarily an equestrian, mountain biking, and hiking trail. Users should use extra caution. It is quite isolated in places, and there are no services. Be prepared with water, food, clothing, and tools for repairs. Be physically fit; there are sustained grades of up to 8%.

  • Dismount and walk through motorized vehicle barriers.
  • Horses have the right of way. If you encounter a horse/rider, please stop and get off the trail to the downhill side.
  • Park only at designated trailheads: State Hwy 112 pullout north of the Elwha River; the marked lot at Crescent School in Joyce; and the Spruce Railroad trailhead. Do not block access gates.
  • Hunting, camp fires, smoking and alcohol are prohibited on the trail. Wear bright colors when riding during hunting season.
  • The trail is open for use during daylight hours.
  • When riding on DNR road sections of the trail, please ride single-file to the far right side of the road.
  • Off-road sections of the trail are not designed for speeds greater than 10 mph. Beware of motorcycle barriers when approaching roads.

Use all trails at your own risk and with proper care. Enjoy the ride -- it's spectacular!

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Observe signs in high traffic areas Horse Trail Crossing Yield Triangle Rule Respect private access Please park legally in approved areas