Disabled Access and Use

General: The Olympic Discovery Trail is and will be ADA compliant wherever possible. However, there are some locations where the slopes exceed recommended values, particularly where the trail descends to the level of a creek crossing. At this time some of the trailheads do not meet all the requirements for disabled accessibility. Over time these situations will be improved. This page will recommend the best places for disabled access and those areas to avoid.

OTrail Made More Accessible by Volunteers with ODT

Trail Made More Accessible by Volunteers with ODT

Surfaces: The completed trail from Blyn to Port Angeles is paved and is 10 ft wide to safely accommodate multiple users. The completed section of the trail south of Port Townsend is compacted crushed rock fines and is nearly as hard and smooth as asphalt. Completed trail sections are shown in Red on the maps. Currently about 40 miles of the trail are completed. Planned portions of the trail are shown in Green on the maps and are generally temporary routes on roads or highways that connect with the completed segments. These temporary routes are primarily for bicycles and are NOT recommended for disabled users. Temporary routes do not generally have sidewalks.

Access Points: The trailheads are those locations along the trail where road access and parking are available. Listed from east (Port Townsend) to west (La Push at the Pacific Ocean), the following trailheads are the best locations for disabled accessibility:

Port Townsend Boat Haven: The trail starts 1 mile south of the ferry dock on the waterfront. Enter the boatyard from Haines St and park along the fence near the water, just south of the large craft outhaul area. There are restrooms and designated handicapped parking next to the trail entrance. Identified as both the ODT and The Larry Scott Trail, it begins on the water side of the fence and heads south along the edge of the harbor. The trail climbs very gently past the mill and for about 3.5 miles to the next trailhead. There are moderate slopes approaching the underpass of Hwy 20. The surface is paved only as it approaches the highway underpass.

Cape George Trailhead: Located on the south side of Cape George Road about 0.75 miles west of Discovery Road, this large gravel parking lot is identified as a Larry Scott Trail parking lot with standard-sized restrooms, but no designated handicapped parking spaces. The trail from Port Townsend approaches along east edge of the parking area. The trail to the south descends at a moderate grade from the trailhead, and then rises slightly and falls again within 0.75 miles of the parking area. It is then relatively level south for another 1.5 miles. The trail then turns east along Douglas Wy, where it descends toward S. Discovery Rd. The trail continues as it turns south again along S. Discovery Rd and becomes somewhat narrow and winding with a rougher surface. The completed trail currently ends at the planned crossing of S. Discovery Rd. The temporary trail route continues on the road toward the Four Corners intersection with State Hwy 20, but is not recommended for disabled travel. There are no shoulders on the road, and traffic travels in excess of 40 mph.

Trail Made More Accessible by Volunteers with ODT

Trail Made More Accessible by Volunteers with ODT

Blyn Pullout: This access point is along the north side of US Hwy 101, opposite Jamestown S'Klallam Tribal Headquarters in Blyn. There is ample parking with designated handicapped parking, as well as restrooms. Access to the trail is at the west end of the parking area. The trail eastward runs around the tribal parking area and continues for about 1 mile to its current end along Old Blyn Hwy. To the west it slopes gently down to the Old Blyn Hwy. It then uses the road surface for about 0.5 miles before the separated paved trail resumes. Use extreme caution for the first 500 ft due to traffic on the road. Continue straight past the turn to access Hwy 101, then another 1000 ft to the marked trail on the left. The trail is level for about 0.5 miles, then begins climbing gently for 0.75 miles to Dawley Rd. It continues on the lightly traveled road surface for 0.5 miles to Sequim Bay State Park.

Sequim Bay State Park: The park's access is directly off US Hwy 101, about 2 miles west of Blyn and 4 miles east of Sequim. There are restrooms and designated handicapped parking spaces. The paved trail descends and rises in both directions around a gully as it passes through the park. All roads throughout the park's camping and picnicking areas are also paved. The trail is flat in both directions as it leaves the park, but begins to rise within 700 ft of the approach to Whitefeather Wy toward Sequim. There are slight rises and descents as it comes into Sequim; it then flattens out as it approaches the next access point.

Carrie Blake Park: This is a large, flat park in the city of Sequim, with good access off of Blake Ave from Washington St. There is ample parking with restrooms and designated handicapped parking spaces. The trail enters and leaves the park on level ground and there are several other trails within the park, some paved. Use caution when exiting the park to the west and within the city of Sequim as the trail uses crosswalks and some sidewalks. The trail is flat throughout the city and to the next access point.

Trail Made More Accessible by Volunteers with ODT

Trail Made More Accessible by Volunteers with ODT

Railroad Bridge Park: This is the site of the Dungeness River crossing and one of the first sections of the ODT to be established. It features a beautifully-restored, low-level railroad trestle over 700 ft long. There is ample paved parking with restrooms, a picnic area, and designated handicapped parking. A new access ramp has recently been constructed to allow both disabled users and tandem cyclists to travel directly up onto the trestle deck. The trail is flat as it leaves the park in both directions, passing by the Dungeness River Audubon Center on its way eastward, and over the river on its route west toward Port Angeles. The Audubon Center is well worth a visit.

Robin Hill Farm: Accessed by either Dryke and Pinnell Rds via US Hwy 101, or by Vautier and Pinnell Rds off the Old Olympic Highway, this park has nearly 200 acres of forestland, meadows, 3.5 miles of hiking trails, and 2.5 miles of equestrian trails. These compacted gravel and dirt trails within the park are 2 - 5 feet wide, and some portions are crossed with tree roots, are steep, and may not be appropriate for handicapped use. There is ample paved parking, a restroom, designated handicapped parking and easy access to the ODT at the Pinnell Rd entrance. The trail is level and flat leaving the park in both directions.

Sieberts Creek Trailhead: This access point is not recommended for disabled users traveling in either direction. The parking area is located on Wild Currant Wy off the Old Olympic Hwy, but descends very steeply down to the creek level, crosses the pedestrian bridge, and then ascends the far side of the valley very steeply again. There is ample paved parking here, but no toilets, and no designated handicapped parking spots.

Deer Park Scenic Gateway Center: This access point is opposite the Deer Park Cinemas on Hwy 101. When westbound on Hwy 101 exit the highway just past the cinemas at Buchanan Dr, on the right, then turn left on Cedar Dr into the Scenic Gateway Center. Heading east, exit the highway to the north (Caution: It will be a left turn across oncoming traffic) at Buchanan Dr, west of the cinemas, at the top of the Morse Ck hill. Turn left onto Cedar Dr and take the second left, signed "Scenic Overlook Ahead". There is ample parking here, with restrooms and designated handicapped parking. The trail to the west is not recommended for disabled users. It drops steeply down into Morse Ck valley for a distance of 0.5 miles. Heading east, however, the trail is flat and level until the steep hill that approaches the covered bridge at the Bagley Ck ravine. After dropping into the ravine and climbing the east side, the trail is relatively flat for about 4 miles.

Morse Creek Trailhead: This trailhead is entered directly from Hwy 101 at the bottom of the Morse Ck valley, at Strait View Dr. There is a small gravel parking lot on the right; the trail entrance heading west is directly opposite the parking lot across the road. There is no designated handicapped parking; there is a port-a-potty visible just east of the parking lot. It is a ramped walkway, gaining access to the long trestle crossing Morse Ck. The trail is paved and flat all the way to the Port Angeles waterfront -- about 4 miles along the beach adjacent to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Heading east from Morse Ck, the trail climbs steeply out of the parking lot for 0.5 miles to the Deer Park Scenic Gateway Center and is not recommended for disabled users.

Port Angeles Waterfront: Known as the "Waterfront Trail" the ODT emerges here from the east at the City Pier, at the foot of Lincoln St. It is a very popular portion of the ODT. There is ample parking, restrooms, designated handicapped parking, and many shops and restaurants in the nearby downtown area. The trail is paved and flat for several miles in both directions.

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Trail Made More Accessible by Volunteers with ODT Trail Made More Accessible by Volunteers with ODT Trail Made More Accessible by Volunteers with ODT