The Olympic Adventure Route Section 1

Adventure Route Segment 1


Section 1

Highway 112 to Eden Valley (MP 0 to 7) This section gets the majority of foot, bicycle and equestrian use, more than the other three sections combined, with the highest density in the first three miles. The trail climbs gradually to about MP 3.2.

At that point one can cut down to the parallel CCC Road for a return loop back to the trail crossing at MP 1.2. At MP 3.5 is “the Living Room” – rough-sawn benches and table with a magnificent view up the Elwha valley, and a popular end destination for many hikers.

The trail then descends into lush older forest before climbing again and joining old forest roads on the way to the Eden Valley crossing at MP 7.


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Bailey Range and Mt Carrie Entrance to Adventure Route A bench in time. Bridge at MP 2 A gentle climb
Olympic Adventure Route overview