The Olympic Adventure Route

The Olympic Adventure Route (OAR) is a 25 mile alternative to the paved, rail grade ODT route between the Elwha River and Lake Crescent. It was built for Clallam County by the County Sheriff’s Chain Gang under the direction of Sgt. Jon Beltrami, and by the Thursday Crew of Clallam County volunteers under the direction of Lorre Campbell. It is designed for active mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrians. It has 25 miles of double and single track riding over very scenic, hilly, forested terrain. It is a very well-constructed, well-drained, well-maintained, 3 foot wide packed earth trail. The trail is entirely off road except the last 4 miles on the west end, which is on old RR grade along the Lyre River and shared with logging access.

Adventure Route overview

Segments and Access Points

Elwha Valley Overlook The east entrance trailhead can be found on the west side of Hwy 112, just ¼ mile past the Hwy 112 Elwha River Bridge. The parking area accommodates 10 cars. This segment covers 7.2 miles to the Eden Valley Rd crossing, which has limited roadside parking.

Olympic Skyline This section extends 5.2 miles from Eden Valley Rd to the Joyce Access Rd crossing, which has limited roadside parking.

Lake Sutherland, High Divide Views This section covers 7.6 miles from the Joyce Access Rd to the paved Joyce-Piedmont Rd crossing. There is parking for xx cars along the road near the trail crossing.

Lake Crescent Descent This section covers 5 miles from the Joyce-Piedmont crossing, following the Lyre River to Lake Crescent. It ends at the Olympic National Park East Beach Trailhead with parking and Olympic Discovery Trail Access. This trailhead can be reached from Hwy 101 via East Beach Rd just past Log Cabin Resort on Lake Crescent.

Use and Parking Fees There are no use fees for the Trail, or parking fees at the above access points, with one exception. The Trail is mostly on State Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) land, so parking along the DNR owned Joyce Access Rd where it crosses the trail may require a DNR parking pass.

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Bailey Range and Mt Carrie Entrance to Adventure Route A bench in time. Bridge at MP 2 A gentle climb
Olympic Adventure Route overview